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You and your business have a story to tell. Let’s show the world what you’re made of.

Technology Integration

The future is here, and ready to empower you and your business.

eCommerce Consultation

You’re in good hands, from idea developments to constructive site critiques.

Social Media

It takes a village… let’s amplify your voice and mission to find your community.

Content Strategy

Content is king. And good content? It’s the key to the kingdom.

Web3 Consultation

Want to learn more about blockchain technology? We can coffee & geek.

Derek Ryans

The Human Behind
Ryans Group

Just an average dude attempting to achieve legendary things.

I Live for Stories…

It’s the story that captures the soul. I love witnessing extraordinary humans tell their stories.

Break the Mold

Tailored services for you and your business needs.

Together We Rise

If we build properly and sustainably, everyone eats.
I’m right there by your side.

Ready to coffee & geek?
Hello leads to a million things…

Ryans Group

Building & trailblazing is my stress relief…

  • 15+ Years in eCommerce
  • Cross Platform Integrations
  • Custom Merch Services
  • Photography | Videography
  • Masterclass Coach
  • Creativity & Innovation

Legendary Partners

Totally Paid Reviews

My network is my net-worth family. And yes, they were bribed with coffee.


Human Extraordinaire

It’s been an honor working alongside Derek over this past year. Derek is an out of the box thinker, innovative & always eager to listen, share or brainstorm new ideas to create a product that everyone will love. He is funny, driven, and kind.

I am happy to support someone with so much drive and passion to bring good to those around him. If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with him yet, I can confidently say from my own personal experience I highly recommend that you do.


Artist | Youtuber | Web3 Pioneer

Derek was great to work with! He was very professional and responsive and did amazing with all the curve balls and special rules I threw at him. He is a badass! He was a pleasure to work with, and I don’t say that lightly. He takes his deadlines very seriously and does whatever it takes to meet them.

We iterated back and forth cohesively and nailed our poorly planned nearly impossible deadline through heroics Derek took on to accommodate for others’ failures.

TZ Alwan

Designer | Actor | Filmmaker

Web3 can be a tricky world to navigate, it’s a place where not everyone is who they appear to be. That is NOT the case with Derek, he is definitely a hard working and stand up guy.

He isn’t in this to take advantage of people, he legitimately wants people to grow along with him. I have been lucky enough to do some work with him & look forward to doing more.

Momma Crys

SEO Magician

Derek has such a creative and passionate personality it is magnetic. I have worked with & collaborated with him, and he is nothing short of brilliant. Aside from all of that he is also one of the most caring people I have met in the past year.

He genuinely wants to help people succeed and advance forward. I would work with Derek again in a heartbeat and certainly plan to in the future.

Rae Isla

Web3 Musician

Derek is a merch guru. He’s set up a great system for getting my artist merch to fans across the world.

Very responsive, quick to pivot, and a community-driven person.

Let’s Build Something Together

If you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time to do it.